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What exactly is eCommerce? Is it synonymous to online store? Well, it’s only partially true. eCommerce or e-commerce or EC are all short names for Electronic commerce. eCommerce refers to buying, selling, marketing, distributing, and servicing of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

The widespread use of computers and Internet has pushed eCommerce to forefront. In US alone, eCommerce sales for 2005 exceeded $86 billion, which showed a hefty increase of around 25% over the year 2004. Whereas, the traditional retail sales showed 7% increase over 2004. 2006 is expected to ring $100 billion. An optimistic study by predicts eCommerce in the United States to surpass a major milestone hitting $1 trillion mark in 2012. Whereas author of "U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2005 to 2010” Patti Freeman Evans of Jupiter Research’s, predicts $144 billion for the year 2010.

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We specialize in helping webmasters who need high quality links. We use ethical processes, which are within major search engine’s guidelines. The links we build can be permanent, relevant and one way depending on the need, so that they deliver both targeted traffic and also tangible benefits in search engine optimization for your website.

A link from a web directory is the best kind of link one can avail. They are mostly one way and are linked under proper category. Web Directory Submission Service will help save the tedious task of submitting you website. A directory submission service can be automated or manual. An automated service would use a web script to visit the directory and try to submit the website into an appropriate category. But in manual submission service an SEO professional visits each web directory and submits your site to the most appropriate category. They usually automate their process to make it more efficient but they do the actual submission by visiting each site, as you would at your home. We use our vast directory knowledge and experience to offer a quality, cost effective manual submission service.