Search Engine Marketing Firm

Search Engine Optimization

Communication between web site and search engines is the primary objective of SEO. A web site is developed or re-developed to establish this communication and create conditions conducive for SEs for deeper spidering of the website which will help in efficient indexing leading to higher ranking. The other area where SEO helps is traffic quality leading to improved conversion.

Development or re-development process consist of following but not limited to :
  • Optimizing code
  • Optimizing Structure
  • Keyword analysis & selection
  • Optimizing use of keywords
  • Managing URLs
Search engines rank’s website based on four major factors:
  • Unique content
  • Pertinent keywords in the body
  • Link popularity – Total number of quality inbound links the website has
  • Properly Validated code
  • The way URL structure is maintained

Site architecture, visibility of the content, background code and how natural the site appears to the engines are other influencing factors for ranking a website.